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“A Good Marriage” is a story in the collection “Full Dark, No Stars,” which was published in 2010.

“I did believe – I do believe – and I wrote this story to explore what might happen in such a case if the wife suddenly found out about her husband’s awful hobby. I didn’t believe it and tried to alibi my dad: ‘What dates are you talking about? Her own daughter, a child, has begun to ask questions.

She said her father was also a huge King fan – she worries that King’s books might have influenced some of the bad things her father did in some of his later murders. Why couldn’t he just find inspiration for another good story, but leave out where it all came from?

” ‘They never knew’ Rawson lives in Michigan; she married her husband, Darian, 11 years ago, with Dennis Rader giving her away at the wedding.

In the nine years since her father’s capture in February 2005, a statement she and her mother Paula have heard repeatedly was that Paula knew all along. “She wouldn’t have raised us with him.” Otis said she’s right.

“It’s absolutely true; they never knew about it,” Otis said.

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