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But the thought of having someone do it for me is a ver persistent thought. It started when I was a sophomore in high school, I was at one of my friends house and at the time he has a younger brother that was wearing diapers.

My husband knows I wear diapers, in fact it was his idea, but he's not into diapers. Me, my friend, and his brother were watching a movie and his brother peed and...

I'll pee sitting down in front of my boyfriend, but it's not really a turn on. But there are some (like me) who find it a turn-on.

However, I like watching him pee (And I like to...him) We've discussed the "Golden Shower" (when you pee on your partner's back) and agree it might be interesting to try someday. I first told my GF about my fantasy when we started to get serious, but I didn't pressure her.

But I would love to find someone who would like to help wrap me up...

the love of my life diapers me and treats me like her little baby. One thing was miss and that was someone to change them.

"Water sports", as it is commonly called, is no better or worse than any other fetish. Within the past year there was an article in a medical journal about a young man starting to display physical female attributes.

i am wanting a female friend or group of friends to diaper me im open to doing anything and will try and keep from doing anything that they dont want me to do if u want to do this message me or have any questions message me Here is a brief summary of my life of diapers: I have basically worn diapers my entire life.

Up until the age of 4 I wore diapers/pull-ups for need. My parents are really great with my diaper-wearing, they actually buy them for me.

Well I am currently 17 years old but next month I turn 18. Sometimes, I wet myself, and diapers can change that. I have finally achieved wetting most times without even noticing. I was introduced into diapers by a close friend of mine.

Well I am a DL or ABDL I live in Philadelphia I want to meet other ABDLs or DLs (as some are just Diaper lovers) I am ok with any age and yes I mean 60-70 too. It may sound weird, but I want someone to diaper me. I could be in diapers for a long time without worrying about wetting. my *** still virgin i want to try it i want some to **** me anyone am not gay am 18 years old many people like young boys am young who want me ?? Being a lifelong bedwetter the wetting in my sleep has been natural but to develop natural daytime wetting has been a concentrated effort. She told me about them and I was hesitant at first but I tried and I loved it.

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