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Also, Wes and Rachel have differing opinions about their friendship; and Wes pines for Johanna, who, meanwhile, is attracted to the manager of a club.Danny, who has finally recovered from his injuries, seeks to emulate Wes and Nehemiah's partying ways by hitting the bars.describes her as highly opinionated and argumentative.Lacey was raised by ex-hippie-turned devoutly religious parents who raised her in a strict manner, monitoring the TV and movies that she viewed.This made socialization at school difficult for her, but according to MTV, has given her a unique style.Melinda is an aspiring dentist working as a waitress when she was cast.The housemates work on their South by Southwest documentary; and hang out with the band Halifax.Later, Danny, Wes and Rachel set out to interview the band Hellogoodbye, but can't find their campsite; and Lacey is caught on film talking trash about Rachel.

According to mtv.com, her military experience made her resilient, confident, and outspoken.

The Austin cast, which features three guys and four girls, is introduced.

Included: Rachel, who served as a combat nurse in Iraq; quick-witted Melinda, from Milwaukee; Johanna, who works in a children's shelter, from Riverside, Cal.; Lacey, who works in a beauty salon in Tallahassee; sheltered Danny, from Billerica, Mass.; competitive Wes, from near Kansas City, Kan.; and Nehemiah, from Mesa, Ariz. Also: Johanna asks Nehemiah to not let her drink too much, but when he tries to intercede at a bar, she pushes him away.

It is the second season to be filmed in the West South Central States region of the United States, specifically in Texas.

The season featured seven people who lived in a converted warehouse, which production started from January to May 2005.

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She is sexually outgoing, and sees Jenna Jameson as her hero.

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