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Furthermore, these circles will change over the lifetime of individuals.

For example, I was an avid user of IRC back in the late '90s.

Tinder is doing a lot more intelligent matching than you think.

The CTO of OKCupid (which is owned by the same parent company) was on a podcast a few weeks ago where he briefly discussed some of the algorithmic challenges of Tinder.

This is most extreme for the services that are practically marriage brokers, and that's where y ou see the "lots of data" approach most often.

There's a lot of information buried in how you swipe and message and edit.

To me the frightening thing is that people seem to be unable to differentiate between no data and the negative case.

A wise friend of mine once said "Facebook is for people you don't know!

"IRC is a successful form of social media that centered around communication and enriched our physical lives.

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That medium formed my social experience and those people became many of my life-long friends.

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