Speed dating at the library

Among the first of similar events in the United States took place at the Omaha Public Library Benson Branch, where Amy Mather, a librarian, and her colleague at the time, Manya Shorr, organized a “Hardbound to Heartbound” night in 2009, on Valentine’s Day.

“My book is the best” we all claimed, but there could only be one winner…

The Regent Circus library is holding its first ever speed dating evening on Valentine’s Day between 7.15pm and 8.45pm to offer an alternative to the more traditional matchmaking venues such as bars or clubs.

We also got to share our favourite books with everyone else in a battle of persuasion that resembled something from Dragons Den, and we all got to use communication skills as we told each other why our books were great. On the last day of the half-term, at lunchtime, 20 of us gathered in the Lower Library, ready to battle it out to the death. Don’t worry Mum and Dad, it was only book speed dating.We make it our business to get to know our patrons in order to, based on their individual tastes, connect them with books that will entertain, inform and enlighten. We invite all book clubs and book-lovers to join our friendly and knowledgeable staff as we introduce you to your next discussion-worthy book club pick or the great book love of your life.To that end, Beaverton City Library is proud to host "Romancing the Tome: An Evening of Speed Dating... We will be highlighting new and old favorites, library book club kits, and forthcoming titles - speed-dating style!

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