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Outages are typically infrequent and those that cannot be fixed automatically can usually be repaired by a maintenance crew within hours.

The situation for terrestrial grids is changing, however.

Thus, the DOD has the technical resources to improve its own systems.

At the dock, it plugs into shore power and becomes part of the terrestrial grid.

So experience with shipboard power systems can aid in the design and operation of terrestrial microgrids.

For terrestrial microgrids, DC-based systems are becoming a common choice due to the proliferation of DC-based loads such as computers and electronic devices, lighting (both compact fluorescent and light-emitting diodes), variable frequency drives, and electric vehicles.

Furthermore, distributed generation systems like solar arrays, micro-turbines, and fuel cells are inherently DC-based or high frequency.

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As far as being smart systems (i.e., systems designed with intelligent control), ship systems have an incentive to lead land-based systems.

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