Solarwinds failure updating asp net script maps

Something strange happened on my local laptop: my web site that worked locally for a long isn't launched... I faced a similar issue when I tried and installed . If you wish to use this identity you can use the I think in this case if you go to application pools under ur IIS.Trying to localize the problem I've created a simple web site with 'index.html' file only. NET 2.0, but when I switched App Pool to use 4.0 - it stopped to work. Look for the application pool on which you are running your website.Incidentally, insufficient rights or priveleges is a common thread of other types of Access Denied problems in general, and code 80070005 in particular.

If I had to stick my neck out, I would say that it's a permissions problem.Thanks to readers sending in information on this error code, we are slowly building up a library of problems, and even more importantly, solutions.‡ What I can offer is general principles, such as, pay close attention to the line number and the precise wording of the error message. Research the name of the service using built-in help. This is often caused because you are not an Administrator, or do not have administrator priveleges.class lets you call into popular map engines including Bing, Google, Map Quest, and Yahoo.The steps for adding mapping to a page are the same regardless of which of the map engines you call.

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NET applications with Internet Information Services (IIS).) -i Installs the version of ASP.

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