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We don't take any responsibility for any incorrect ... are submitted on this site are by members of Sri Lankan Friends. In all the furore over the judge’s egregious breach of judicial ethics, the media have forgotten another recent scandal: the kidnapping by a special police unit from the entrance to the Tribunal on November 5 and the subsequent disappearance of a key defence witness Ranjan Bali.His wife has no idea where he is being held or even if he is still alive.So Don't share contact numbers or any kind of sensitive data while using this chat service.You should read, understand and agree with Terms & Conditions of before using this free chat service.Those who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971 should be prosecuted and, if found guilty by due process, severely punished.But the trials have been conducted under a law dating from 1973 which is not compliant with international norms.

Online support network for Sri Lankan gay, lesbian and bisexuals and their friends: information, news, virtual club, contacts ... coordinator of this service has informed Sri Lankan Gay Friends, that this service is open for gay ...srilankan Online support network for Sri Lankan gay, lesbian and bisexuals and their friends: information, news, virtual club, contacts ... I am looking out for Sri Lankan friends to travel with me ... Net Provides you Sri Lanka Friends, Sri Lankan Friendss ... When The Economist telephoned Mr Huq on December 5, the judge appeared to say that he hadn’t talked to anybody about the proceedings of the Tribunal, but the You Tube recording proved that he consulted Ziauddin on matters such as the framing of charges, the coaching of witnesses, coordinating with the prosecution, and the selection of judges.The new chairman of the Tribunal, Fazle Kabir, brought in to replace Huq, will be preparing his judgement without having heard any of the arguments.Is the judgement to be based on Ziauddin’s draft prepared in mid-October, before the defence even began their closing arguments?Meanwhile, two of the defendants have petitioned for a retrial on the basis of the taped conversations, but the government have obtained a court order banning any reference to them in spite of the fact that they were published in the journal Amar Desh and are now also on the internet.

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