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I'm so scared and confused..playing with that kind of shit guys now i'm in big trouble YAY! JUSTIN BIEBER' S SKYPE NAME IS ' justinbiebermusic . My laptop was completely shut down and packed in my bag when messages went out to all my contacts.Have also checked API as suggested but nothing suspicious there I have Skype on my i Phone as well.Now an independent security analyst, he regularly makes media appearances and gives presentations on the topic of computer security and online privacy.Follow him on Twitter at @gcluley, Google Plus, Facebook, or drop him an email.However, this theory seems less likely as some users have reported that the unauthorised messages have been sent even though their computers and mobile devices are turned off at the time.Potentially the spoof messages might also have be sent due to a vulnerability in Skype's web-based client that the spammers are exploiting.

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I tried to block him but he hacked and deleted my Instagram account...

i hav seen Justin on webcam for 7 months now, he is 100% REAL! com ' that is his official website & his official skype! Megan × I added him too and guess what now he keeps on threatening me to show him nude pictures and videos of me and said that he will hurt me if I don't...

Alternatively, it's possible that Skype users have had their account passwords compromised - perhaps via phishing attacks, or because victims are using the same passwords elsewhere on the net.

Frankly, we don't know yet how the fraudsters are sending the messages - but sending them they are...

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Wen u add his skype make sure it is ' justinbiebermusic .

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