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"Yup, it's all that."Hi Dave----- OK, so I'll be the one to ask: Can you shed some light where the light don't shine on how to give a "merely fabulous" , "slow style" , "agonizingly terrific" prostate message?You say it is easy to learn but plunging the depths of this subject can be intimidating.The digit was withdrawn occasionally and re-inserted. This can go on for a long time or you can continue the BJ and when he does actually orgasm it'll feel to him like his spine is being sucked out too. Tie him down or have an understanding that he doesn't do ANYTHING while you're doing this.The way it was done though kind of reminded me of when I'm having intercourse and pull out for a second and then shove it back in to the hilt. It is an emptying feeling that is so intense it is not unusual for the guy to flake for a few seconds - sort of like women around their 20th FAST G-Gasm!! YOU are in charge of this and YOU will make him cum when YOU see fit.Any woman who knows this technique of course can vary it in many ways - fast, slow, v e r y s l o w, on his back, on his front bent over an arm rest, tied up, tied down, with the BJ or HJ or just play with the prostate until he feels he's about to pull a Chernobyl and melt right through the mattress. Of course you have to find a guy who will endure this kind of abuse without the fear of it turning him gay . Their this helps Having had some experience in this act.. I suggest that there are only 2 kinds of woman that would do this to a man...the first being the one that truly loves you and wants to be inside every part of you and experience everything with you, the second is the woman that gets paid to do this. If you have not already engaged in some kind of kink already, it would be a hard sell. Thanks Dave, yes very informative and enlightening. A couple of questions:""Once you go for the gold - the prostate - one needs to remember that it is a GLAND so it has to be treated much gentler than a guy pokes a G""Now herein lies my concern---I think I'm afraid I might hurt him---It just seems so, well, delicate--what if you make a wrong move by mistake--will you tear him up for life or what?Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Using a toy is a guessing game and seeing as these are delicate tissues and membranes it is best to be extra careful not to tear them accidently. OK, lots of buildup, lotsa teasing and now you have a finger inserted deep and you feel up toward the abdomen (if he's on his back) and feel for a spongy kind of soft walnut sized firmness. He will,unless he is dead or heavily medicated, begin to respond. As you massage the prostate it will / should begin to leak seminal fluid.

You say it is easy to learn...located here: Postpage5I just read you advice post on BJ's so I'm taking a wild guess here and making the assumption that you know of which you speak when it cums to BJ's.

The prostate massage incorporates a great deal of what you describe in your post (URL above) and the insertion of a digit into your victim's anal cavity. The area is rife with nerve endings so some play there is allowed and encouraged too.

There is a psyche aspect of this that says YOU'RE MINE. The loss of control that most guys have / feel even during a good BJ will evaporate and that's very cool for guys who aren't scared of letting their woman reciprocate in the sexual control dept. The actual orgasm from a BJ or handjob during a prostate massage will be 3 to 5 times MORE intense than a regular BJ and about 10 times better than a HJ.

She knew where the gland was but the finger would come out for a sec and then slide .... It isn't something that needs to be done every night but knowing it is in her repertoire of tricks is awfully erotic.

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