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I watched as she bit her lip while I related taking control of Chris both in and out of the bedroom.It was almost as if I could see her perception of me change from some goody-two-shoes priss to a refined, temporal Dominatrix. For a submissive, being pegged is about feeling your Domme's power and control." Her jaw dropped open." "You need to incentivize him." "Incentivize him how?

Additionally, she told me she enjoyed black men and would sometimes take them on two at a time."You told me when we met that you manage about ten people, right?" "That's correct, a dozen people now, actually." "How do you incentivize them to follow your company's rules? "We give them quarterly performance bonuses and paid time off if they meet their quotas." "Exactly!" "I think he does, but I'm really hesitant about it." "He's basically giving you a hall pass, you could do whatever, or whomever, you wanted." It took me a little bit to process her statement and then try to find the right words."He's viewed so many things online and it's as if he wants to try them all.

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"The first school of thought is to beat his ass until he complies with the rules you've established for him." "I've never been keen on striking him, even though I've given him a few swats with my hand, from time to time," I admitted sheepishly. "Most submissives enjoy corporal punishment and I would recommend you get used to it." I took a deep breath and pondered her last statement.

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