Dexter strickland dating austin rivers sister

Television, Silver and Gold Productions, Woltz International Pictures Format: Multicamera Location: Los Angeles — previously developed for HBO; rolled from 2014-15 Logline: The series centers on a misanthropic and politically incorrect NYC cab driver, and is based on the French-Canadian hit series of the same title.

Cast: John Leguizamo, Lenny Venito (), Sahr Ngaujah, Jennifer Esposito, Rebecca Creskoff, F.

Cast: Lauren Ambrose, Rutina Wesley, Charlotte Spencer, Cody Horn, Michael Gaston, Kenneth Mitchell, Alberto Frezza, Morgan Spector Team: W/EP Bess Wohl; EP Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz, Len Goldstein, Aaron Kaplan; P Alexandra Lyndon; D/EP Coky Geirdroyc Studio: ABC Studios, Fake Empire, Kapital Entertainment Location: Boston 's Mireille Enos) who exposes fraud for a living and has finally found fulfillment both at work and in love until a case comes along that threatens to turn her world upside down.

What she doesn't realize is that she will also have to deal with her bickering and happily divorced parents also "coming out" that they are sleeping together again. Cast: Fortune Feimster, Annie Potts, John Carroll Lynch, Parker Young, Lacey Chabert, Chris Redd Team: W/co-EP Fortune Feimster; W/EP Matt Hubbard; EP Robert Carlock, Tina Fey, David Miner Studio: Universal Television, 3 Arts Format: Multicamera Location: Los Angeles ) -- SERIES ORDER Logline: Dan Savage's semi-autobiographical revolves around a picture-perfect family turned upside down when the youngest son (Noah Galvin) comes out of the closet. Cast: Justin Long Team: W/EP/D Segahl Avin ( Logline: An agoraphobic recluse ventures outside for the first time in 20 years when he spies what could be his soul mate moving into the building across the street.

Team: W/EP Bill Prady ( Logline: Based on John Hughes' 1989 movie about a childish man (MIke Epps) who learns how to be an adult by taking care of his brother's kids in a very childish way.

Cast: Mike Epps, Nia Long, James Lesure, Aalyrah Caldwell, Sayeed Shahidi, Iman Benson Team: W/EP Steven Cragg, Brian Bradley (); EP Will Packer; D/EP Phil Traill Studio: ABC Studios, Universal Television, Will Packer Productions Format: Single-camera Location: Los Angeles Untitled Johnny Knoxville -- PASSED OVER Logline: Narrated by Johnny Knoxville and based on his life, the family comedy follows the exploits of 12-year-old Johnny (Brandon Spink) navigating the "outlaw culture" of his family and small hometown of Knoxville, Tenn., and documents the childhood experiences that inspired him to become one of the greatest pranksters of a generation.

Shocking her friends and family, she leaves her career behind, becoming instead a brilliant and relentless advocate for anyone caught in the chaotic and ever-changing maze that is modern medicine.

Inspired by the life of writer Sheldon Turner's former agent, Byrdie Lifson-Pompan.

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Cast: Parminder Nagra, Adrian Pasdar, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Tracey Fairaway, Colm Feore, Khary Payton, Megan West, Nick Eversman, Gus Halper, Michael Trevino (1st position to (formerly L. Crime) -- SERIES ORDER Logline: A character-driven, true-crime procedural anthology that explores sex, politics and popular culture across various noteworthy eras in L. Cast: Gabriel Luna, Ed Westwick, Jeremy Sisto , Erika Christensen (one-year deal), Taissa Farmiga (one-year deal), Darrell Britt-Gibson, Karolina Wydra, Holley Fain, Anne Winters Team: W/EP Steven Baigelman; EP David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Laurie Zaks; D/EP Tom Shankland Studio: ABC Studios, Mandeville Television Location: Los Angeles Logline: A one-hour dramedy that explores the realities of modern-day families — multicultural, multigenerational, built through divorces, affairs and adoptions — set against the backdrop of a revered family restaurant at a crossroads.

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