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With over 100 restaurants there are plenty that are more suitable for a date night—like Fleming’s—and then there are places like The Turning Point or Marlton Tavern for a bite out with friends.

We looked at all of Philadelphia’s suburbs in terms of these criteria: Here’s why you’ll love Marlton: This place is great for both singles looking to meet somebody, and for those who are perfectly happy just staying solo.

Whether you are living with Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS or any other STDs, here you can meet new friends or even a potential spouse, find communal support and get on with your life.

And the most important thing, there are tons of women and men here, so everyone wins! If you’ve ever visited Philly and the surrounding area, you know that it’s a pretty exciting place to be… Then we weighted these scores so that unmarried population was worth 40 percent of the overall score, the difference between male and female populations was worth 30, and the remaining categories were worth 10.

(As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online dating business for over 16 years!

Here are two words that you probably wouldn’t expect to find in the same sentence: “singles” and “suburbs.” Unless, of course, you’re saying “The suburbs are no place for singles.” Now this may be true in many parts of the country, but outside of Philadelphia, the ‘burbs are actually pretty happening. That’s because Audubon has one of the highest percentages of single people around Philly—over half the population is unmarried.

If you’re looking for affordability, you’ll want to look into Willow Grove.

It has the fifth lowest cost of living in the area, which includes everything from groceries and dining out to rent and home prices.

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