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About 99% of guys think that being “thoughtful” is about telling a woman how pretty she is, or buying her flowers, gifts or lavishing attention on her at obvious moments.But when it comes to whether she’ll see you as boyfriend material, thoughtfulness takes on a whole other meaning.Research firm Global Web Index surveyed 32 countries, and found that 62% of dating app users are men.(No word on the percentage of Tinder-loving bros who take selfies with babies or tigers). In 2013, Pew Research Center found that men were more active on dating apps and sites.Plan a wonderful evening, then guide a woman through it from start to finish.

Also, like I said above, being present is a critical characteristic of boyfriend material…yet too many men come off as needy or desperate, asking tons of low-self-esteem questions (“How do you think it’s going?It’s your ability to pay attention to her in unexpected ways — at unexpected times — because it’s genuinely in your heart to do it.Of course, thoughtfulness means delivering attention and interest…but in heartfelt ways that she can’t predict, at the times she needs it most.In this article, David De Angelo reveals the three secret “tests” every woman uses (usually without even realizing it) to see if you have “relationship potential.” When it comes to building great relationships with women, some guys have to learn the hard wayand I was one of them.After a lot of dates with a lot ofwomen, I noticed two things: #1: It takes a special set of skills and insights to pass a woman’s tests and graduate from first-dater to “boyfriend material,” the kind of man she wants to share fulfilling, long-term intimacy with.

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Researchers at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion set out to identify the number of sexual behaviors men and women engage in, as well as their level of appeal, to see what's most common.

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  1. It really isn't complicated and it is also pretty damn easy for her to figure what feels good by your attempts not to thrash yourself to death in the process.