Dating body language playing with hair

The age-old question of determining whether a woman likes a man is one that has been asked since the beginning of time.Despite all this time, men still haven’t figured out when it’s okay to make a move and when they need to back off.

[Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves you need to watch out for] #2 Gets closer.Any form of contact is good, even one that is accidental because you can’t put it past her to ‘accidentally’ brush up against you just so she can touch your abs.[Read: The subtle art of flirting by touch and arousing a girl] #4 Smiles more.And as a woman who thoroughly enjoys the game, here are 15 body language cues we females give away if we like you. If she makes eye contact with you, especially if it’s repeated, she’s definitely interested.Another way to tell if she likes you is to take note of whether she hides or flaunts the fact that she’s watching you.

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