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Some are 'fence-sitters,' not sure about whether or not they want children. Some are gay and need to take a potentially longer and less traditional route to motherhood. And some, like me, are what I call "circumstantially infertile." I want children. At age 12 I purchased baby name books in preparation for the son and twin daughters I dreamed to be a mother to one day.

I've grieved and have found my happiness on the other side.

"Some have environmental, religious, medical or professional reasons.

"And SATC 2 does try to address this issue somewhat, by having everyone Carrie and Big encounter question their decision to remain a wealthy, childless couple (one pair at the wedding actually physically moves away from Carrie and Big when they say they don't want kids, as if the desire to remain childless is a disease that might be catching)." It's not "catching," as in communicable, but the decision not to have kids is a movement that seems to be catching on and growing vocal on the Internet. The reasons why some couples choose not to have kids "are varied and complex," an ABC News piece on the topic points out.

Full disclosure: I have not screened the movie yet (though one of our fashion bloggers did, and wrote about the sexy and stylish premiere), so I can't offer insights on the plot first-hand, but I read another interesting review of it by film critic Kim Voynar that again brought up the issue of Carrie and Big deciding not to have kids:"Wonderful though being a mother is on many levels, it also complicates your life in many ways, and that's the truth, just as it's also true that our culture tells us that a woman 'of a certain age' without a child is somehow incomplete and must be unhappy, even if she won't admit it," writes Voynar.

Scott's review of Sex and the City 2 on the New York Times' website. "Carrie and Big, meanwhile, endure barbed pity from other couples because of their decision to remain childless. ' a fellow guest at Stanford and Anthony's wedding asks, incredulous."Carrie frowns and closes the laptop shut. She picks up a framed picture of Big on her desk and touches it lovingly. The paragraph I included above from the NYT review of the movie specifically jumped out at me when I read it.

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  1. But even if more people are using online dating in Japan, they'll need to do better than a group photo or a picture of their cat to find love.