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The system is flexible enough to conform to a particular cooling and heating need and offers numerous different indoor unit combinations.

These unites provide comfort in spaces such as finished attics with knee walls, basements with low ceilings, and glass-walled sunrooms.This used to be the case, but a recent update leaves all the previous chats stored on the chat window.I have yet to see an option on how to turn this off, nor can I find the cache to delete the conversations.Jio has a lot more features than Whats App — primarily the ability to make free voice calls, video calls, group video calls and send files to any other Jio Chat user (see A Quick Comparison).(Read more: Reliance Jio launches instant messaging app to take on Whats App, Line and We Chat in India)While the interface is clean (and quite similar to Whats App), we found that there were a few rough edges.

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