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When are you white people going to realize that black people nowadays don't fit your 1930-1980 criteria.

Oh, because she doesn't have "big lips", her hair is "straight" and her eyes are a little slanted, she isnt?

“We got an opportunity to talk and all of the times we’ve seen each other at wrestling events since that time. Neither one of us when we were younger could understand that or were comfortable with that.

Bret Hart’s wife Stephanie Hart is a great match for Bret because she’s just about as cool as he is. Stephanie is originally from San Francisco and now resides in Calgary with her husband.

The two men were WWE’s biggest stars in the early to mid-1990s, steering the ship for a company that was reeling from the departure of several megastars and numerous lawsuits.

However, from their ascent as fixtures in the tag team division to becoming the two biggest main eventers, Hart and Michaels developed a hatred that spanned for over a decade.

Apparently it paralyzed half of Bret’s body for months and left him with a kind of emotional imbalance.

On top of all that, poor Bret announced that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer on February 1.

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He’s since undergone surgery, and he’s said that things are “looking up.” Well, I really hope so.

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