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"I know the tears of white privileged frat bros aren't what we should be thinking about, but that doesn't mean they don't exist," she said. But that doesn't mean their reasons for joining aren't legitimate."But the 1984 ban led to a "crazy liability gray area" that made the school unable to regulate the fraternities and there's no other way to move forward, she said."People join frats for a reason: because they want a support system. "This is just one necessary step that's a side point in a much bigger conversation about changing campus culture."Update 5/14/14: DKE pledging materials were leaked to the AC Voice.Delta Kappa Epsilon members – not allowed to represent our fraternity on campus – have actively fought for the rights of survivors at Amherst College.We have supported those in our own ranks who have survived sexual assault.The university said it could not comment on whether the investigation remains open. Hailing from Colorado, i am here exploring relocation.

In 2012, the same month former student Angie Epifano wrote an essay detailing the way her reported rape was mishandled by administrators, the fraternity TD came under fire for distributing shirts with a bikini-clad woman roasting on a spit and the words "Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847." Earlier this year, a student who was expelled for sexual assault and ordered to leave campus was found to be hiding in a house associated with Chi Psi, according to reports.The flippant suggestion that sexual assault would ever be a part of our activities is hurtful not just because it is false, but also because its falseness trivializes the very real problems faced by Amherst and other colleges under investigation by the Department of Education.We are tired of being falsely painted with the brush of "white privilege." In terms of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and sexual identity, we are one of the most diverse groups at Amherst College.Administrators were unable to comment on the status of her complaint, but she said she was told that the school was investigating and "writing a report on hazing."The student who filed the complaint asked Buzz Feed not to publish her name because others who had spoken in support of Tuesday's decision were facing "intense backlash." But others say Amherst's sexual assault issues aren't specific to the three off-campus fraternities; the same issues come up in other student groups as well."If the trustees had taken the time to look closer into what frats are actually like here, I think they would've been pretty surprised," said Will Kamin, Chi Psi president.He said only 14 of the 43 members of his fraternity were white and that many were on financial aid.

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