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For 2013, the Obama administration proposed a 1.7 percent pay raise effective Jan.1, which would match the average rise in private-sector wages.This allowance is based on the type of duty reservists are involved in, their family status and whether government quarters are assigned.Reservists mobilized in a time of national emergency or for a contingency operation automatically qualify for full BAH.The moment you put on this uniform you’re also eligible toreceive additional compensation based on your job and where you arestationed as well as low-cost insurance, food and housing allowances, 30days vacation with pay yearly, tuition assistance, and a generousretirement package.

Actual payments are then pro-rated at 1/30th of those rates for each qualifying day. The type of BAH for which a reservist is eligible is based on length of active duty in one location, the type of active duty and whether the member is living in government quarters.

For periods of duty less than 31 days, BAH RC/T payments are prorated for the actual number of days served.

♦ Active duty for more than 30 consecutive days in one location.

The time counts as active duty, as well as active reserve and inactive reserve time.

Members of the Retired Reserve also accrue longevity pay increases.

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We can only carry out our mission with the efforts and commitment of our Airmen.

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