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At the end of 2014, he took a road trip with his friend from Birmingham, Alabama to St. “On the way down there, I spent a lot of time on Tinder,” he says.

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It is entirely too easy, especially in a text-medium to cross the line between confidence and acting like you’re The passive-aggressive version of this is what I like to call the “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME!!? When some guys are either met by silence or the girl seemingly has dropped off the face of the Earth, they’ll send another e-mail full of cranky bluster and spite-filled demands for an apology, explanation or some sort of response.

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“Axanar” is a “fan film” in the sense that it fills out, as fan films generally do, a portion of the larger story that hasn’t been told as part of the authorized, released versions.

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Some people are able to separate this drive on the field from their lives off. You’ll find out which type of competitor your girl is the first time you play Monopoly or Risk.